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2005-09-14 - 01:40


What Iíve always loved about chess is that itís a strategy game. You have a certain amount of space and a certain number of pieces and youíre opponent has the same thing. Never in life are things that even, and on the chess board they arenít really either.

In chess, every piece has a specific role to play and is certain capabilities. They have their roles and even the Queen, arguably the most powerful figure on the board is only capable of certain things. No one is capable of absolutely anything. And, because itís a strategy game, even the little pieces, the cannon fodder, have power and place. The little things are important. A good pawn structure and a sense of how to effectively use your pawns is key to a strong defense. A good pawn structure can back up the other pieces on the board and can firmly hold down territory.

People who play chess well know how to effectively manage resources. They know how to see and to understand. People who play chess well can empathize; they know how to think like an opponent. That amazes me. But even for all that, its still just a game.


Artificial Sound for the Artificial World: You Had Time--Ani DiFranco.

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